Industrial IoT for Motor Analysis (Mechanical & Electrical)

MCMMotors drive the industry and provide convenience in our everyday life. These motors are used in various areas of industry all over the world. However, if motors are not maintained properly they can fail. Failure will interrupt production, productivity, affect revenue, energy efficiency, product quality and could result in safety hazards. This invariably could influence increases in cost.

The Internet of Things (IoT) Motor Diagnosis System accurately diagnose the state of equipment in real time and automatically notifies you of the problem and solution.

The IoT Motor Diagnosis System analyzes the voltage and current signal supplied to the motor. To do this you only need to connect a sensor between the motor and the motor distribution board. The diagnosis system analyses the current state of the motor and makes estimations of the motor health. The system runs a comparison analysis between the measured data from the motor and that of the line motor database. It picks up on even the slightest difference and analyses it carefully to diagnose the abnormalities. The system then gives a dense notice of the possible failure in real time.

The system has a periodic notification function which evaluates the performance of the motor and periodically informs you of possible maintenance risks and estimated time to replace parts. The system is installed in the Motor Control Panel and the diagnostic results are analyzed automatically. The IoT Motor Diagnosis System is easy to use even if you’re not an expert. It can conveniently be managed remotely over a network as well.

The IoT Motor Diagnosis System detects both electrical faults and mechanical faults of various types of industrial equipment, driven by a three-phase AC electric motor. Additionally, the system is also capable of detecting abnormalities of the connecting cable and terminal blocks, changes in the load and supply. Hence the system allows you to see in real time whether the motor is performing at its optimum.

Motors that consume the most power in the industrial field often run at low efficiency during long-term operations. If the efficiency of such motors is managed properly it can save a considerable amount of energy consumption which could impact on electricity use.

The IoT Motor Diagnosis System has a built-in high-performance power quality measurement function for electrical signal analysis. It is an integrated solution that saves energy.

Correctly timed maintenance and repair actions, initiated by the diagnosis system allows a motor to last longer at the lowest cost without suffering from quality problems, accidents or sudden motor failures.

If you take advantage of the IoT Motor Diagnosis System you can experience a more efficient and safer plant environment with a smaller impact on your maintenance budget.

Watch how easy it is to implement the IoT Motor Diagnosis System!

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