Accurate Real Time Monitoring

Tan Delta Oil Quality Sensor (OQSx)

The Oil Quality Sensor (OQSx) is your ideal solution for accurate real time oil condition monitoring. Quickly and easily installed, the OQSx detects all wear and contamination elements to an exceptionally high sensitivity level and provides an accurate statement of your oil condition second by second – in any oil type and in any application.


The OQSx accurately reports the precise condition of any oil in real time and is certified to a sensitivity of 15ppm.

ATEX Certified

The OQSx Ex II is fully certified, ATEX approval to BS EN 60079-0: 2012 and BS EN 60079-11:2013 x ic IIA T3 Gc.


Heavy Mobile Mining Equipment; Continuous Miners, Dump Trucks, Shovels, Drills. Transformers, Gearbox, Compressors, Engines, Hydraulics.

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Data Trending… Optimising Your Maintenance Strategy

Simply gathering information from sensors and systems is not enough to yield the benefits of predictive maintenance.

The ability to collect and then analyse data can be crucial to predicting impending failure.

By investing in an Oil Quality Sensors to influence these maintenance practices, you can  have the benefit of:

  1. Reduce overall maintenance cost by 30%
  2. Reduce sampling cost by up to 80%
  3. Reduce oil purchases and disposal cost by 20%
  4. Increase equipment availability by 5%
  5. and, rule out human induced contamination.

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Future-Proofing Asset Monitoring at Port…

The infrastructure-heavy operation at seaport, marine and inter-modal terminals, face increasing demand for efficient and cost-effective operation. Advanced equipment and technology underpins port performance, and productivity hinges upon robust asset management.

The majority of port infrastructure (including Container Cranes, Straddle Carriers, Shiploaders and Hoppers) have a useful economic life of up to 50 years, however an increasing portfolio of ageing and expensive assets over time leads to an increase in exposure to business risk. Research suggests that issues resulting from the application of inadequate or incorrect maintenance procedures cause roughly 25% of the total cost of equipment damage and that satisfying short-term operational needs can lead to major asset downtime due to unplanned maintenance and catastrophic failure. 

Increasing global trade is increasing the demand for more infrastructure to combat port congestion problems. Subsequently there has been an increasing industry focus on equipment lifecycle management, and real-time condition monitoring and maintenance strategies as part of a wider approach to the managing of an entire portfolio of assets. 

Oil condition monitoring plays a fundamental role in total asset management. Accurate, high quality oil condition analysis provides a deep insight into the health and status of port equipment. Contamination can quickly lead to oil losing its lubrication properties and equipment damage. Small unseen issues, which if left to develop will cause a major breakdown, are reflected in changes in oil condition, and as oil condition degrades with use, you can pin-point the exact time for maintenance, extending intervals without risk.

Tan Delta sensors were fitted to the primary hydraulic systems of Container Cranes in a busy South African port. An operator panel was installed in each, providing a simple traffic light condition status, whilst live data was streamed back to the maintenance centre. The data enabled the port to extend the intervals between servicing thus reducing direct operating costs, also providing reassurance that in the event of an unexpected issue, an alert would be provided, and action taken in a planned and controlled manner before any equipment damage had occurred. 

“Since the installation we have seen a significant reduction of 32% in our oil consumption. We were replacing our oil prematurely and have since been able to streamline our maintenance across the whole port. With a total project payback of 6 months this technology forms a crucial part of our asset management strategy, and has helped provide complete visibility, tracking and actionable predictive insights across the port”. – Port Operations Manager, South Africa.

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Interrupted production can be costly!


The IIot Motor Diagnostic System – Cracked Rotor Bar Defect

Interrupted production can be costly. Loss of production hours, output as well as the cost to repair mechanical faults or major machine breakdowns can severely impact production and maintenance budgets.

The IIot Motor Diagnostic System allows plant owners to prevent unplanned mechanical breakdowns through fault detection alerts enabling maintenance teams to act proactively.

The IIot Motor Diagnostic System installed at an international rubber and tyre manufacturer on a rubber-mixing mill saved the company many hours of unscheduled downtime and hundreds of thousands in production revenue.

The Roll Milling Machine applies a mechanical process to blend the ingredients into a homogeneous substance. Internal mixers fitted with two counter-rotating rotors in a large housing shear the rubber charge along with the additives.


The IIot Motor Diagnostic System identified an existing Coupling/Bearing problem in the Roll Milling Machine. The system also flagged an immediate alert related to the Rotor Bar parameter.


The trend visibly reflects how the Rotor Bar error advanced. Vibration measurements verified the presence of broken rotor bars, already identified by The IIot Motor Diagnostic System.



The IIot Motor Diagnostic System in this instance demonstrated its ability to detect developing Rotor Bar faults, alerting the maintenance team. The necessary predictive and preventative maintenance actions were taken, resulting in no production loss recorded.

Can you imagine the impact on the production and maintenance budget if this fault were not detected?

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Unscheduled downtime affects your production​!


The IIot Motor Diagnostic System – Unbalance and Misalignment

Faults going undetected in an industrial plant can have serious negative implications on production and often safety. It is of the utmost importance for the Maintenance Department to always be alert and aware of any technical issues no matter how big or small, that can result in unplanned downtime.

The IIot Motor Diagnostic System installed at a major international manufacturer in the automotive industry did just this. The IIot Motor Diagnostic System unit first gave a warning of a problem on 16 October 2015 and diagnosed a looseness problem. Due to pressure to meet production targets a decision was made by the maintenance team to wait for further indications.

On 19 November 2015, a new alert reflected, which initiated an inspection, resulting in the discovery of a loose attachment bolt on a Cooling Tower Fan, responsible for cooling the water circulated in the tower.

Slide2-The IIot Motor Diagnostic System - Unbalance and Misalignment

Next follows the sequence of alerts by the IIot Motor Diagnostic System unit at the time, as an example of the operation of the unit.


The system indicates looseness, and then the problem disappeared. Numerous alarms flagged in the software that related to foundation issues, including unbalance as well as misalignment alerts.

Slide3-The IIot Motor Diagnostic System - Unbalance and Misalignment


Continuous monitoring of foundation problem followed.

Slide4-The IIot Motor Diagnostic System - Unbalance and Misalignment


The IIot Motor Diagnostic unit continuously reported a unbalance, and misalignment problem.

Slide5-The IIot Motor Diagnostic System - Unbalance and Misalignment


Slide6-The IIot Motor Diagnostic System - Unbalance and Misalignment


Scheduled maintenance took place in February 2016, where the foundation problem was corrected.

Slide7-The IIot Motor Diagnostic System - Unbalance and Misalignment

RESULT: The IIot Motor Diagnostic System unit detected an Unbalance and Misalignment concern well in advance. Due to the early warnings provided by the IIot Motor Diagnostic unit an informed decision was made by the maintenance team to run and monitor the fans for any drastic changes that could affect production until the problem could be resolved during scheduled downtime.

Slide8-The IIot Motor Diagnostic System - Unbalance and Misalignment_1

Making the correct maintenance decisions can be an easy task if you have access to accurate information to base your decision making on.

Can you afford unscheduled downtime?

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Asset Management and Energy Efficiency Toolkit

SAI&C_July2018 Issue_Asset-Management-and-Energy-Efficiency-Toolkit-CIS-Industrial-Services_IMAGE-1_rev

Asset Management Toolkit (AMT), is an Asset Management and Energy Efficiency Toolkit, which use three-phase voltage and current signals to diagnose existing electrical and mechanical problems.

Check-Up for Motor Driven Equipment – routine check-up and early diagnosis of equipment prevents catastrophic damages and helps to reduce energy consumption and operating costs.


Asset Management Toolkit (AMT) is equipped with a computer, which is optional as the client can also supply their own PC, meeting the required specifications if preferred, fully functional AES software for AMT Toolkit hardware, current transformers, and cables.
Asset Management Toolkit (AMT) is connected to motor cables using clamp-on current sensors and voltage cables. It collects data from motor driven systems and also has the ability to measure equipment driven by the motor, for example, a gearbox, and saves it to an SQL database. At the end of the testing period, the toolkit generates a condition assessment report, which indicates existing faults of the system, time to failure information, recommended corrective actions, and effects of these faults on energy efficiency.

Fault Coverage

  • Loose foundation/components
  • Unbalance/misalignment/coupling
  • Transmission faults
  • Driven equipment faults
  • Bearing faults
  • Rotor faults
  • Stator/insulation faults
  • Voltage unbalance
  • Current unbalance
  • Internal and external electrical faults

Process Faults

  • High energy consumption
  • Low efficiency
  • Cavitation in pumps
  • Flow turbulence in fans, blowers
  • Filter and heat exchanger fouling
  • Lubrication
  • Oversize/undersize motors


  • RMS values of three phase voltages and currents
  • Frequency
  • Power factor
  • Active power
  • Reactive power
  • Total Harmonic Distortion
  • Harmonics up to 13th
  • Voltage and current balances


  • Immediate payback by corrective action
  • Instant condition assessment report
  • Advanced analysis and reporting
  • No sensors on motor or equipment
  • Improved efficiency and reliability of plant and processes
  • Increased machine availability

Software Features

  • Classification of data into companies and motors
  • Instant Condition Assessment Report
  • Instant PSD download for frequency spectrum analyses
  • Instant voltage-current waveform download

Current Transformers included in the Asset Management Toolkit (AMT)

  • 4 sets split-core current transformers
  • 400/5A, 300/5A, 200/5A, and 100/5A, Class 1
  • Frequency range 50/60 Hz
  • System rated voltage 0.72/3kV
  • Isolation voltage 3kV (1 minute)
  • Continuous current 1.2xrated current

Immediate Payback

Taking corrective action for existing equipment faults will eliminate unplanned downtime, improve energy efficiency, reduce maintenance cost and extend equipment lifetime.

Energy Consumption

Motor-driven systems consume 66% of the electrical energy in an industrial plant. Any improvement can yield a considerable amount of energy saving.

Operations and Maintenance

It has been estimated that Operations and Maintenance programs targeting energy efficiency can save up to 20% on energy bills without a significant capital investment. From small to large sites, these savings can represent thousands to hundreds-of-thousands of Rand each year, and many can be achieved with minimal cash outlays.


Asset Management Toolkit (AMT), can be used in all industrial sectors ranging from; Oil & Gas, Energy, Cement, Metal, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Water, Transportation, Food & Beverages, Building and more.


Applications typically range from; compressors, fans, pumps, conveyors, generators to motor driven equipment.


The Asset Management Toolkit (AMT) is compact in size, 550x310x190mm, and the unit comes in a handy protective dust and waterproof case.

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Industrial IoT for Motor Analysis (Mechanical & Electrical)

MCMMotors drive the industry and provide convenience in our everyday life. These motors are used in various areas of industry all over the world. However, if motors are not maintained properly they can fail. Failure will interrupt production, productivity, affect revenue, energy efficiency, product quality and could result in safety hazards. This invariably could influence increases in cost.

The Internet of Things (IoT) Motor Diagnosis System accurately diagnose the state of equipment in real time and automatically notifies you of the problem and solution.

The IoT Motor Diagnosis System analyzes the voltage and current signal supplied to the motor. To do this you only need to connect a sensor between the motor and the motor distribution board. The diagnosis system analyses the current state of the motor and makes estimations of the motor health. The system runs a comparison analysis between the measured data from the motor and that of the line motor database. It picks up on even the slightest difference and analyses it carefully to diagnose the abnormalities. The system then gives a dense notice of the possible failure in real time.

The system has a periodic notification function which evaluates the performance of the motor and periodically informs you of possible maintenance risks and estimated time to replace parts. The system is installed in the Motor Control Panel and the diagnostic results are analyzed automatically. The IoT Motor Diagnosis System is easy to use even if you’re not an expert. It can conveniently be managed remotely over a network as well.

The IoT Motor Diagnosis System detects both electrical faults and mechanical faults of various types of industrial equipment, driven by a three-phase AC electric motor. Additionally, the system is also capable of detecting abnormalities of the connecting cable and terminal blocks, changes in the load and supply. Hence the system allows you to see in real time whether the motor is performing at its optimum.

Motors that consume the most power in the industrial field often run at low efficiency during long-term operations. If the efficiency of such motors is managed properly it can save a considerable amount of energy consumption which could impact on electricity use.

The IoT Motor Diagnosis System has a built-in high-performance power quality measurement function for electrical signal analysis. It is an integrated solution that saves energy.

Correctly timed maintenance and repair actions, initiated by the diagnosis system allows a motor to last longer at the lowest cost without suffering from quality problems, accidents or sudden motor failures.

If you take advantage of the IoT Motor Diagnosis System you can experience a more efficient and safer plant environment with a smaller impact on your maintenance budget.

Watch how easy it is to implement the IoT Motor Diagnosis System!

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CIS Industrial Services Now B-BBEE Level 2 Accredited Contributor


CIS Industrial Services (Pty) Ltd is proud to announce that the company is now listed as an accredited B-BBEE LEVEL 2 Contributor, with the South African Department of Trade and Industry.

CIS Industrial Services (Pty) Ltd is a reliable provider of critical plant required products. They take great pride in being the premier source of industrial tools and equipment for a wide variety of Industries; Refining, Petrochemicals, Power Generation, Manufacturing, Mining, Shipping, Transportation and more.

Affordable quality products are sourced to meet the high standards and expectations of clients in the various industries supplied.

CIS Industrial Services (Pty) Ltd – Plant Uptime, Plant Safety, Asset Reliability!

Benefits of Oil Analysis

Reduce Breakdown Frequency and Severity. Among the many cost saving benefits and increased productivity associated with fluid sampling, the largest cost savings and benefits come from preventative and proactive maintenance. Fluid sampling and analysis allows technicians and service managers to monitor the condition of equipment systems and to identify and correct minor issues to reduce the risk of severe component failures and breakdowns. Large trucking companies who sample engine oil have saved on maintenance costs by reducing the amount of engine overhauls required by correcting minor problems and treating root causes to reduce the chance of issues from reoccurring. The data obtained through oil analysis can provide crucial details about engine components that would normally require an engine tear down in order to inspect the components. The time required to take a representative fluid sample and send it to the lab can save an enormous amount of time in the future from performing repairs and complete overhauls.

Need to monitor your rotating machinery?

The tower fan

Accelerometers – Accelerometer sensors accurately measure vibration, shock, acceleration, motion for monitoring, control and testing applications. Accelerometers in Industry are primarily used to monitor the condition of rolling element bearings or ball bearings on rotating machinery such as fans, pumps, gears, compressors, turbines, paper machines, cooling tower fans and many other types of machinery. Accelerometers typically provide a dynamic signal output for use by condition monitoring systems including monitors, transmitters, analyzers and portable data collectors. Accelerometers are crystal based and convert mechanical motion to an electrical signal in the plant where they are mounted using the piezoelectric principal. Care must be taken with installation to insure proper operation to specifications. CIS Industrial Services offers General Purpose, Low Frequency, High Frequency and High Temperature Accelerometers in many different configurations. All Accelerometers are field proven. Accelerometers are also available in explosion proof (XP/IS) versions for hazardous area installations.