IIoT Motor Diagnostic System

The IIoT MCM unit monitors the condition of a 3-phase electric motor as well as the asset it drives in real time, effectively using the motor itself as a sophisticated transducer. It requires only a connection to the motor’s electrical supply, avoiding the need for specialised sensors. Due to its permanent installation, it provides continuous fault monitoring of electrical motors and does not depend on expensive manual data collection.

The IIot MCM uses advanced, NASA developed technology to provide a self-learning capability in a compact, affordable, panel mounted instrument. It automatically teaches itself about the typical operating environment of the measured equipment so that it can accurately identify and diagnose faults long before they become a threat. This dramatically reduces the specialist diagnostic skills required of the user, making the benefits of condition monitoring available to many users who considered it too difficult in the past.

Always under your control, the IIot MCM only demands your attention when it detects a problem. Unlike conventional online systems, it’s unique self-training system allows it to recognise normal operations in a wide range of conditions, such as different speeds or loads – enabling tight control without false alarms.

Integrates with Plant-Wide Systems

IIot MCM is specifically designed to be self-sufficient, only requiring your intervention when it detects a problem.

It can also act as an intelligent component of a complete, plant-wide monitoring and diagnosis system. You can connect the IIoT MCM into your system using standard interfaces, allowing results to be presented to your staff through existing display systems. IIot MCM can supply MCMScada software to collect and manage information from all your IIoT MCM units. Allowing you to assist your condition monitoring program by providing remote advance interpretation services.