Lubrication Solutions

Automatic Lubricators

Automatic lubricators are a chemically operated, single point, automatic lubricator that usually comes in different discharge models for example;

  • 1 Month
  • 3 Months
  • 6 Months
  • 12 Months


  • Provides continuous lubrication at a constant rate for a set point
  • No maintenance or adjustments required
  • No electrical or mechanical items needed
  • Completely reliable
  • Self-regulating
  • Rate of discharge not affected by bearing condition, seal condition or grease-way resistance
  • Simple to change-over at the end of its operating period

Lubrication Solutions 

Incorrect lubrication accounts for up to 36% of premature bearing failures. Even the very best bearing can only show optimum performance when it is lubricated correctly. Bearing greases specially formulated by industry specialists for your application help ensure smooth, trouble–free operation and maximum reliability even under the most extreme conditions. They help prevent contamination from penetrating the bearing, cushion any shock loads and protect against corrosion. Selecting the right bearing grease for a certain applications is essential for achieving the maximum service life of a bearing.

CIS Industrial Services offers a comprehensive range of Standard and Specialty Bearing Grease, System Automatic Lubricators, Manual Dispensing Tools and Lubricant (Oil and Grease) Analysis and Testing Tools.

Oil Analysis

Why Sample? – Industries have been practicing oil and fluid analysis for several decades as a means of determining the cleanliness of system fluids and the condition of components such as pumps, bearings, motors, valves, and cylinders within a hydraulic system. Fluid sampling allows maintenance managers and fleet operators to examine the components of a hydraulic system on their equipment without having to physically disassemble the system to inspect components for wear. Oil analysis has been proven to reduce maintenance and operating costs and increase both equipment reliability and productivity. The following are some of the benefits resulting from installing fluid sampling valves and implementing a fluid analysis program.

Benefits of Oil Analysis – Reduce Breakdown Frequency and Severity. Among the many cost saving benefits and increased productivity associated with fluid sampling, the largest cost savings and benefits come from preventative and proactive maintenance. Fluid sampling and analysis allows technicians and service managers to monitor the condition of equipment systems and to identify and correct minor issues to reduce the risk of severe component failures and breakdowns. Large trucking companies who sample engine oil have saved on maintenance costs by reducing the amount of engine overhauls required by correcting minor problems and treating root causes to reduce the chance of issues from reoccurring. The data obtained through oil analysis can provide crucial details about engine components that would normally require an engine tear down in order to inspect the components. The time required to take a representative fluid sample and send it to the lab can save an enormous amount of time in the future from performing repairs and complete overhauls