Tan Delta Systems

Tan Delta Oil Quality Sensor (OQSx)

Tan Delta Systems Limited is a global leader in the development and supply of advanced oil condition monitoring technologies, products and systems.

Based in Sheffield, United Kingdom, its products are trusted by the world’s leading industrial and commercial companies, to monitor oil condition in real time across a broad variety of applications. Tan Delta’s products help optimise equipment productivity, reduce operating costs, thereby remaining competitive in a global economy.

Accurate Real Time Oil Condition Monitoring

The Oil Quality Sensor (OQSx) is your ideal solution for accurate real time oil condition monitoring. Easily and quickly installed, the OQSx detects all wear and contamination elements to an exceptionally high sensitivity level and provides an accurate statement of oil condition second-by-second, in any oil type and in any application.

Product Features


The OQSx accurately reports the precise condition of any oil in real time and is certified to be better than 15ppm sensitivity.

Advanced Technology

Patented core technology delivers exceptional sensitivity to oil condition changes caused by both wear and contamination.

Proven Performance

Independently certified for accuracy, sensitivity and reliability. Accurate data you can trust.

Robust and Reliable

Engineered for installation and long-term maintenance-free operation in the hardest industrial and commercial applications.

Easy to Install

The OQSx is small and easy to install on any equipment and in any relevant application.


OQSx is configurable for any synthetic and mineral oil type operating in any relevant application.

ATEX Certified

The OQSx Ex II is fully certified, ATEX approval to BS EN 60079-0: 2012 and BS EN 60079-11:2013 x ic IIA T3 Gc.

Data Output/Input

The OQSx and the OQSx Ex II is designed for flexible integration with different head thread sizes to fit any inspection plug point, and multiple data outputs. CANBUS, MODBUS, 4-20mA for plug and play integration.

Analogue Output: 2×4-20mA (current syncing, passive input)

Digital Output: 1xRS485: 9600 baud  half duplex, Modbus protocol supported on RS485, CANbus: CANopen protocol supported on RS485

Oil Type

Configuration: Any synthetic or mineral oil, including fuel oils such as diesel and bio-diesel