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OQSX-G2 Sensor

OQSx-G2 Oil Quality Sensor

The OQSx-G2 is the world’s most advanced and flexible real-time oil quality/condition monitoring sensor. Suitable for application in any commercial or industrial environment from the smallest genset, to the largest engines on ships and Mining equipment.

Easy to install, the OQSx-G2 continually analyses oil in real-time whilst equipment is in operation and provides an accurate statement of oil condition. Any wear or contamination is instantly detected, measured to an accuracy of 0.01%, and reported.

  • FULL SPECTRUM HOLISTIC (FSH™) – Detects all and any Wear and Contamination: water, acid, fuel, viscosity, different oil types, carbon, particles etc.
  • ABSOLUTE ACCURACY – The FSH technology within our sensor enables it to have a oil quality change sensitivity detection of 0.01% (10ppm) with an Accuracy margin of +/-0.5%.
  • REAL-TIME – Continuously analyses oil condition on operating equipment and reports oil condition every two seconds.
  • ROBUST & RELIABLE – Proven around the world for use in even the most extreme industrial and commercial applications.
  • EASY TO INSTALL – Quick and easy to install on any equipment with plug & play integration with any existing data reporting and display systems
OQD Mobile App

OQD Mobile (OQDm)

The OQD Mobile (OQDm) app can be downloaded onto your Android device to enable communication with our OQD Express (OQDe) unit via Bluetooth. This allows you to easily check the readings from any OQDe within a 10m radius and download the logged data to further analysis.

  • WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY – Use your mobile phone to instantly connect by Bluetooth to any OQDe, view and manage live data.
  • LIVE DATA – Display and record real time oil condition.
  • DATA LOG DOWNLOAD – Download logged data for analysis or forwarding to colleagues by email.
  • HEALTH & SAFETY – Allows operators to access data from active machinery at a safe distance.

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Our products we represent are trusted by the worlds leading industrial and commercial companies to monitor Vibration, and Oil, helping to optimise equipment productivity, reduce operating cost, thereby remaining competitive in a global economy.

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Interrupted production can be costly!


The IIot Motor Diagnostic System – Cracked Rotor Bar Defect

Interrupted production can be costly. Loss of production hours, output as well as the cost to repair mechanical faults or major machine breakdowns can severely impact production and maintenance budgets.

The IIot Motor Diagnostic System allows plant owners to prevent unplanned mechanical breakdowns through fault detection alerts enabling maintenance teams to act proactively.

The IIot Motor Diagnostic System installed at an international rubber and tyre manufacturer on a rubber-mixing mill saved the company many hours of unscheduled downtime and hundreds of thousands in production revenue.

The Roll Milling Machine applies a mechanical process to blend the ingredients into a homogeneous substance. Internal mixers fitted with two counter-rotating rotors in a large housing shear the rubber charge along with the additives.


The IIot Motor Diagnostic System identified an existing Coupling/Bearing problem in the Roll Milling Machine. The system also flagged an immediate alert related to the Rotor Bar parameter.


The trend visibly reflects how the Rotor Bar error advanced. Vibration measurements verified the presence of broken rotor bars, already identified by The IIot Motor Diagnostic System.



The IIot Motor Diagnostic System in this instance demonstrated its ability to detect developing Rotor Bar faults, alerting the maintenance team. The necessary predictive and preventative maintenance actions were taken, resulting in no production loss recorded.

Can you imagine the impact on the production and maintenance budget if this fault were not detected?

CIS Industrial Services (Pty) Ltd – Plant Uptime, Plant Safety, Asset Reliability!

Unscheduled downtime affects your production​!


The IIot Motor Diagnostic System – Unbalance and Misalignment

Faults going undetected in an industrial plant can have serious negative implications on production and often safety. It is of the utmost importance for the Maintenance Department to always be alert and aware of any technical issues no matter how big or small, that can result in unplanned downtime.

The IIot Motor Diagnostic System installed at a major international manufacturer in the automotive industry did just this. The IIot Motor Diagnostic System unit first gave a warning of a problem on 16 October 2015 and diagnosed a looseness problem. Due to pressure to meet production targets a decision was made by the maintenance team to wait for further indications.

On 19 November 2015, a new alert reflected, which initiated an inspection, resulting in the discovery of a loose attachment bolt on a Cooling Tower Fan, responsible for cooling the water circulated in the tower.

Slide2-The IIot Motor Diagnostic System - Unbalance and Misalignment

Next follows the sequence of alerts by the IIot Motor Diagnostic System unit at the time, as an example of the operation of the unit.


The system indicates looseness, and then the problem disappeared. Numerous alarms flagged in the software that related to foundation issues, including unbalance as well as misalignment alerts.

Slide3-The IIot Motor Diagnostic System - Unbalance and Misalignment


Continuous monitoring of foundation problem followed.

Slide4-The IIot Motor Diagnostic System - Unbalance and Misalignment


The IIot Motor Diagnostic unit continuously reported a unbalance, and misalignment problem.

Slide5-The IIot Motor Diagnostic System - Unbalance and Misalignment


Slide6-The IIot Motor Diagnostic System - Unbalance and Misalignment


Scheduled maintenance took place in February 2016, where the foundation problem was corrected.

Slide7-The IIot Motor Diagnostic System - Unbalance and Misalignment

RESULT: The IIot Motor Diagnostic System unit detected an Unbalance and Misalignment concern well in advance. Due to the early warnings provided by the IIot Motor Diagnostic unit an informed decision was made by the maintenance team to run and monitor the fans for any drastic changes that could affect production until the problem could be resolved during scheduled downtime.

Slide8-The IIot Motor Diagnostic System - Unbalance and Misalignment_1

Making the correct maintenance decisions can be an easy task if you have access to accurate information to base your decision making on.

Can you afford unscheduled downtime?

CIS Industrial Services (Pty) Ltd – Plant Uptime, Plant Safety, Asset Reliability!