Disinfect: And Prevent Health Epidemic Spread.

World Health Organisation (WHO) Approved Chemicals


COVID-19-Killing Range of Special Purpose Cleaners.

As a ‘partial lock-down’ is in place and proper hygiene is mandatory to help businesses and essential services, CIS Industrial Services has partner with a leading Local Chemical Company that has developed a bold new range of special purpose cleaners which are being manufactured according to the COVID19 killing guidelines specified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as well as the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Ranges included in the CIS Industrial Serves Portfolio:

Liquid Hand Sanitiser

Liquid Hand Soap

Surface Disinfectant (For Buildings, Floors, Walls as well as Pathways and Roads)

Cabin wiping Liquid (For Buses, Cars and Taxis)

A variety of pack sizes are available in 25ℓ,, 200ℓ and 1000ℓ. All products is made from Proper Grade purity and types of Ingredients such as Alcohols and Additives that are necessary to ensure the minimum dwelling time to kill COVID19 and safeguard hands and skin from frequency of use.

Notably, the WHO recognises the isopropyl (IPA) blend that is being used to manufacture in the liquid hand sanitiser. The EPA says the IPA blend will Kill COVID-19 in under 30 seconds when applied correctly.

Since there are so many hygiene brands claiming to Kill COVID-19 and flooding the market currently, CIS Industrial Services is urging people to buy from reputable manufacturers who have a proven track record in the category. Our partners are manufacturing and supplying specialty chemicals since 1924 and run an ISO 9000 “Zone One” classified manufacturing facility in Gauteng. This means that we offer the security of a Department of Trade & Industry permit to operate, municipal permit to store chemicals and a SARS permit to procure ethanol as well as a fire-safe environment including underground storage tanks.

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0.01% Oil Quality Change Detection!!!

Equipment Condition Monitoring that Enables Preventative Maintenance and Reduces Operating Costs

The OQSx-G2 sensor is the world’s most precise oil condition monitoring sensor. Its real time oil condition analysis is so accurate and sensitive that it will immediately alert equipment operators to the earliest indications of a problem; well before any material equipment damage. This vital and reliable information is delivered to operators and managers instantly such that preventative maintenance can be actioned and expensive equipment damage and ultimately breakdowns avoided.

This exceptional functionality is achieved using Tan Delta’s unique next generation FSH™ core technology which is integrated in every OQSx-G2 sensor. This innovative and proven technology enables real-time, ultra-accurate, continuous analysis of any oil type, working in any application, from the largest engine or gearbox to turbines and hydraulics, with even the most subtle condition change of as little as 0.01% instantly detected and reported

Unlike other equipment monitoring systems such as vibration or particle counters which are only triggered by symptoms caused after significant damage is well underway and thus repair will already be costly, the OQSx-G2 sensitivity detects and reports trace changes in oil condition which characterize the earliest stages of equipment issues – typically before damage has occurred and thus the issue can be quickly diagnosed and corrected saving considerable cost. 

In addition to early detection of equipment issues OQSx-G2 delivers a broad range of additional benefits that include safely extending maintenance intervals through identification of when equipment needs maintenance rather than time-based schedules and the precise identification of oil end of life and thus a significant reduction in oil usage. In the final analysis, equipment operators see a significant reduction in immediate and long-term equipment operating costs coupled with increased reliability and extended equipment life.

The OQSx-G2 sensor is easy to install on any equipment operating in any environment and with any oil type. And with a typical investment pay back of well under 6 months and a maintenance free life of over 5 years, the financial rational is clear.

Tan Delta Systems offer a range of advanced oil condition-based equipment monitoring solutions, suitable for any industrial or commercial equipment monitoring application. Equipment operators can purchase complete ‘plug & play’ kits direct from us, which are delivered anywhere worldwide within days and can be fitted instantly to any equipment, or if preferred, through one of our network of fully trained and certified distributors. For equipment manufacturers interested in integrating deep-insight oil condition based equipment monitoring into their own products, we offer a range of customised solutions from standard sensors at volume pricing to totally integrated technology solutions suitable for high volume cost sensitive applications such as automotive.

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Our products we represent are trusted by the worlds leading industrial and commercial companies to monitor Vibration, and Oil, helping to optimize equipment productivity, reduce operating cost, thereby remaining competitive in a global economy.

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