Mining and Mineral Processing

The Challenge

Maximising the productivity of large mobile plant equipment was a critical performance criteria for a large mining operation.

The Solution

Intelligent Oil Condition Monitoring deliver a measurable improvement in equipment active operating time.

Oil Quality Sensor (OQSx) were fitted to the Gearbox, Engines and Hydraulic Systems of a total of 36 large plant machines such as Rock Crushers, Excavators and Dump trucks.

Operator alert display units (Oil Quality, OQDe) were fitted in the cabs of each vehicle to provide immediate conditions alerts, whilst data was also streamed back to the maintenance depot where it was used to predict optimal services schedules.

The customer benefited from reduced servicing through being able to maximize the true life of their oil, coupled with reduced equipment wear associated issues.

Tan Delta Oil Quality Sensor


Reduced serving through being able to maximize the true life of their oil, and extended the running hours of site critical machinery.


Cost Effective

Oil consumption was reduced by over 19% as the sensor showed oil was being replaced when still viable

Reduced Waste

Oil disposal cost were dramatically reduced due to fewer oil changes.

Improved Maintenance Schedules

Equipment failure cost were reduced due to improved maintenance schedules and auditing of correct procedures through analysis of the sensor data

Prevent Catastrophic Failure

Contamination which could have caused serious damage was immediately identified by the sensor allowing instant remedial action.


The site has reduced their annual expenditure on oil consumption alone by over R5m ($360k) thanks to Tan Delta Oil Condition Monitoring products.

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Plant Uptime • Plant Safety • Asset Reliability

Interrupted production can be costly!


The IIot Motor Diagnostic System – Cracked Rotor Bar Defect

Interrupted production can be costly. Loss of production hours, output as well as the cost to repair mechanical faults or major machine breakdowns can severely impact production and maintenance budgets.

The IIot Motor Diagnostic System allows plant owners to prevent unplanned mechanical breakdowns through fault detection alerts enabling maintenance teams to act proactively.

The IIot Motor Diagnostic System installed at an international rubber and tyre manufacturer on a rubber-mixing mill saved the company many hours of unscheduled downtime and hundreds of thousands in production revenue.

The Roll Milling Machine applies a mechanical process to blend the ingredients into a homogeneous substance. Internal mixers fitted with two counter-rotating rotors in a large housing shear the rubber charge along with the additives.


The IIot Motor Diagnostic System identified an existing Coupling/Bearing problem in the Roll Milling Machine. The system also flagged an immediate alert related to the Rotor Bar parameter.


The trend visibly reflects how the Rotor Bar error advanced. Vibration measurements verified the presence of broken rotor bars, already identified by The IIot Motor Diagnostic System.



The IIot Motor Diagnostic System in this instance demonstrated its ability to detect developing Rotor Bar faults, alerting the maintenance team. The necessary predictive and preventative maintenance actions were taken, resulting in no production loss recorded.

Can you imagine the impact on the production and maintenance budget if this fault were not detected?

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